The most important beaches of Trujillo

If in the summer we seek sun and beach, we only have to go to MƔncora to find another jewel of the Peruvian coastal nature. In Trujillo, to only six hours of Lima, is one of the places that we can visit if what we want is to get bathed in sunlight and to enjoy a good time playing sports or just enjoy a dreamy sunset.

To arrive to Trujillo, you we will head towards the north Panamerican expressway or a direct flight via Lan between Lima and Trujillo. Upon arriving, we can note that the city offers the tourist various number of options, that range from beaches to architectural remainders of great importance, as is Chan Chan, because of its ecology and gastronomy.

Three are the most visited beaches in Trujillo, that are day by day turning out to be an interesting destination to enjoy the beaches of golden sand and perfect waves to practice surfing: Huanchaco, Buenos Aires and Las Delicias.

The beach of Huanchaco is the best-known northern spa, in line with MƔncora in Piura. The tourists keep amazed to see that the settlers maintain alive the traditions of their ancestros and they fish in a crafty way: with nets and with hobbyhorses of reed. Huanchaco is used to receiving tourists, in this we will be able to find hotels and very well cared for restaurants with high quality of service.

The beach Buenos Aires is a lot more solitary than Huanchaco, due to that its located a little more far away from the city. Nevertheless, due to that condition, the tourists with greater purchasing power can take the luxury to rent rustic houses near the sea, if they are available. Furthermore, for the younger crowd, there are more affordable lodgings accommodations that allow to save money and at the same time enjoy nature.

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