The Cross of Condor

One of the greater tourist attractions of the Valley of Colca , the deepest canyon of the world, is the lookout of the flight of the Condor , considered by the Inca as a representation of the spirits of their beloved beings that observe them from the height of the skies.

Inside the zone of the Colca, the best place of observation of these birds is found to 3800 msnm, in a window known as the Cross of the Condor , where with a little patience and luck we will be able to sight three birds plowing the skies with velocities that reach 200 mph.

To arrive here is recommended to do it in the morning hours, due to that with the light of the dawn these birds leave to do their journey in search of food and for observe their domain from the heights.Ā  Usually they leave from the left of the lookout window, where their nests carved in the walls of the mountains are found.Ā  Likewise, if it is lucky, the condors will be able to fly over directly the lookout windows, attracted by the group of people that joins there to observe them.
Also the flight of other birds in this valley can be observed, like the kestrel, the wandering hawk or the mountain partridge.

What is the best time to visit this place?

The Canyon of Colca can be better enjoyed between the months of May and October, because the river water becomes more navigable, by the absence of torrential rains, becoming a focus for the practice of boating and kayak.
To be able to arrive to the river, you should descend from the district of Cabanaconde toward the south and follow the instructions of the guides, who are qualified to assist you at any moment.
Besides, the condors will cheer up your walk between 9:30 and 11 a.m, or from 5 to 6 pm, which are the hours in which they leave to seek food.

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