Restaurants With Romantic Overtones In Peru

We recommend four havens for lovers where you can enjoy good food in a special atmosphere.
In Peru, there are always places to eat good food, but when you want to pamper yourself with a special dinner that makes your eyes sparkle, where do you go? We have some excellent options for you lovers out there.
Cusco. A romantic, candlelit dinner.
Cusco, a city with lots of patriotism, has a unique charm with its cobblestoned streets, secret passages and surprises around every corner. La Divina Comedia, a chic restaurant with large tables, candles and classy service. Every Wednesday and Friday night dinner is served with a live opera or show. If you reserve a table at 8pm, you´ll be able to see the whole show. As for the cuisine, they serve light food with a French twist. We recommend you start with tapas jamón serrano, alcachofas baby y chimichurri de rocoto (tapas with prosciutto and baby artichokes in a hot pepper chimichurri sauce). Share the Ceviche de trucha con crema de aji panca, rocoto, granitos de choclo y leche de coco (trout ceviche in a creamy red pepper sauce, hot peppers, grains of corn and coconut milk). If you like a light, fresh cuisine, order the pasta hecha en casa al coùac salteado con champiùones y salsa de callampas (homemade pasta sautÊed in mushrooms and cognac sauce). And to leave completely satisfied, don´t miss out on the pastel de pato, gratinado con queso gruyère y purÊ de papa amarilla, relleno con magret de pato y reducción de sauco (fruta), hongos y pecanas (duck pie, baked with gruyere cheese and yellow mashed potatoes, stuffed with duck breast, in an elder fruit, mushroom and pecan reduction). Finish with a crème brÝlÊe flambÊ. They have a cozy bar next door, where you can order a cocktail to start or finish off the evening with class. La Divina Comedia is the restaurant of the Hotel Arqueólogo, which has suites with canopy beds, continuing with the romantic atmosphere.

Iquitos. A cocktail floating on the Itaya River.
When you arrive in Iquitos, you must go to the boardwalk to watch the sunset over the Itaya River. The river meets the orange, pink and red painted sky. You can have the same view from the floating restaurant, the most original in the city, Al FrĂ­o y al Fuego. To get there, you have to take a moto-taxi to Av. La Marina 138 and walk down some hidden stairs to get to the pier where the boats await to take you to the restaurant. The floating wooden platform is rustic with a roof of natural leaves with a small pool. If you go at dusk, it has an incredible charm with a view of the city lights in the distance. To awaken your senses, order a leche de tigre regional con jugo de cocona, sacha culantro y ajĂ­ charapita (regional tigers milk with cocona juice, cilantro and charapita chili) or a tiradito oriental con finos cortes de doncella en salsa al estilo oriental y ajonjolĂ­, ajĂ­ limo y kiĂłn (fine cuts of damsel fish in an oriental style sauce with sesame seeds, hot chili pepper and ginger). They also serve corvina oriental (oriental-style corvina fish) or whole corvina fish fried, the house special. The bar is right next door , where you can order local cocktails with sweet twists to toast to the adventures you will take part in in the jungle. If you want quiet, go on a weekday.

Lima. In Front of the vast Pacific Ocean.
It may seem strange, but many visitors upon arriving in Lima, realize that the capital is located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, offering waves for surfers, beautiful sunsets in summer (December to April), islands in the distance and more. You can´t just stroll the Miraflores and Barranco Boardwalk located along the cliff overlooking the ocean, walk down to the beaches and go to La Rosa Nautica, a restaurant on stilts atop the ocean. It´s a white and blue wooden building, much like an English beach house. Inside, there are many romantic corners and cocktails and they offer a tasting menu for 160 soles. If you want something light, they also offer samplers with ceviche, pulpo olivado (Steamed octopus slices in a black olive cream), conchitas costeras (clams) or causa con ocopa (peruvian yellow potato causa roll with a chili and peanut sauce), langostinos (shrimp) and Makis (peruvian-japanese rolls). While Cala is another option bordering the beaches of Barranco, with a more modern design, La Rosa Nautica has a particular historic charm that makes it a must go for those visiting Lima for the first time.

Tarapoto. An intimate pizza.
At night fall in the jungle of Tarapoto, you´ll feel that a slight wind begins to blow and everyone starts to come out into the cool night streets. And hunger is awoken. And if you are looking for a snack in a romantic candlelit atmosphere with discrete background music and impeccable service, Café D’Mundo is a very good option. There are large tables, helpful waiters and they offer a wide selection of wines or their refreshing house special sangria. The menu is simple: pizzas or pastas incorporating classic regional flavors and the atmosphere is definitely relaxed. If you stay longer, Pumarinri Lodge is undoubtedly a great option. It´s an hour away, near the Huallaga River. Lago Lindo, with a private lake surrounded by palm trees and rustic individual cabins, also has an undeniable charm.

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