Are You A Fanatic Of Extreme Sports? Eight Events You Can’t Miss

Peru offers extraordinary scenarios for extreme sport enthusiasts and physical challenges. In Tarapoto, they have organized a 43K route for mountain bikers. And there are many more events to add to your agenda.
By Bike. Reto Amazon Mountain Bikers. Tarapoto.
When? Saturday, November 21 at 7 am
What is it? A 43 kilometer mountain bike route for Elite and Master categories that compete from the Cumbaza River bank along the muddy roads of the hills of the high jungle. There is also a route of “only” 28 kilometers, Rookie category. Or BMX competitions for children between 8 and 15 years old. For those who just want to go as spectators, there are key points for watching the competitors, live music and a food fair. There will are prizes for each of the categories according to age and gender.
Info: It´s organized by an excellent adventure agency, Amazon Mountain Bikers, with Bruno and his team. You can register in Lima in the Trek store on Camino Real, in Tarapoto at Toucan Suites, on the organizers website or call 954 800 519. The competition is open to everyone over 15 years of age, for both men and women and all nationalities. The awards are not very extraordinary but feeling proud to fulfill such an ambitious challenge is worth much more.
In Cusco. Another event: In April, the Santísimo Downhill, in Urubamba in the Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley), receives professionals who go down the Andean mountains at full speed and jump through the air with their bikes.

By foot. Chasquitón. Cusco.
When? Every year in late April.
What is it? In this case, it´s advisable to be a spectator of the event unless you are in good physical condition and have adequate preparation to withstand the unevenness of 1,500 meters and 90 kilometers in total. The Chasquitón is an endless marathon from the isolated Inca citadel of Choquequirao to Abancay. Athletes wear one-piece outfits reaching the knees of yellow, gold or blue. They simulate the epic Chasquis, those who were once responsible for carrying messages to the four corners of Tahuantinsuyo in the Inca Empire. The natives always win this competition because high altitude resistance and unusual respiratory capabilities are required.
Info: For those who want to risk it all, registration is free. Unfortunately they don’t promote the event much and only the locals really know about it. Abancay is located about 4 hours by car from Cusco. It´s best to contact the Regional Government of Apurimac, a contingent region of Cusco, during office hours. You can also get information through the administration of Regional Tourism. They also organize kayak competitions amid of the famous rapids, increased speed and turbulence of the Apurimac River.
In Ayacucho. Another event: The Vischongo Sky Race proposes 10K to 42K races through the forests of the Puya Raimondi, symbolic of the region. It is organized every year at the beginning of September.
In Paracas. Two big challenges. A 25.5K at the beginning of November and a 100K race in the southern deserts between Huacachina and Paracas in mid-July. They are professional races organized by Perú 8 Mil.

Paragliding and motocross. Festival Ayacucho Xtremo.
When? Every year in late May.
What is it? Ayacucho Xtremo is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote all the adventure sports in the Ayacucho region. If you´re planning a trip there, check out their Facebook page, where they always post events. The association joins paragliders with motocross fans, mountain bikers and boaters. During important dates, all sports are available and you can take your first flight through the skies of Ayacucho with Ronald. Ayacucho definitely is a land made for adventure.

In Lima, Pachacámac. Another event: The Pachacámac festival will hold its fourth edition in early June. There are races, BMX presentations and mountain biking and paragliding competitions just 1 hour from Lima.

By boat. River Amazon International Raft Race. Iquitos.
When? Every year in September.
What is it? It began in 1999 and since 2006 has been professionalized to meet the challenge of 180 kilometers down the Amazon River for an indomitable three days of competition. Today, it´s the longest raft race in the world according to Guinness World Records. Each team must first build their own wooden raft and natural materials (the organizers help when necessary) and then paddle for up to 3 days to reach Iquitos. Teams come from around the world to participate in the challenge but the locals almost always win because they have the local training. However, the record of 12 hours and 19 minutes was set by an American team in 2008.
Info. The Regional Government organizes the event with the logistical support and the strong will of Michael Collis, owner of Mad Mick and a backpacker of the city.

On average the cost of the race is $1,000 USD per team and $250 USD for each participant. It includes food throughout the competition, purified water, materials, lifejackets, paddles and two nights of lodging. During the competition, a tent per team is allowed to rest along the way.

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