Relax in the Peruvian jungle

Not everything is about adventure and adrenaline in the Peruvian Amazon, you can also enjoy the heat of the jungle by relaxing at the pool. Where? Christelle has selected the perfect hotels that allow you to disconnect completely.


Heliconia Lodge: In Iquitos, the lodges that dedicate everything to relaxation are usually located upstream along the Amazon. There, hidden within a tropical garden and the refreshing pool, you will find the Heliconia Lodge. 1h15 by speed boat from Iquitos will take you to the Yanamono Jungle (Mono Negro), where there are lots of giant trees, large water lilies (Victoria Regia), small tamarin, stump and friar monkeys and many birds like kingfishers or hawks, the protectors of the jungle, the ā€œMamĆ” Viejaā€. Venture out in search of the pink dolphins, go fishing, see the red sunset and gaze upon the moonlight. For those coming just to rest, there are spacious rooms with jungle dĆ©cor and fans available. The sounds of the jungle are there to accompany you on your stay. Only a few steps away from the central pool.

From 385 USD per person, 3d/ 2n all inclusive. 80% discount for children 5 and under.

Other lodges? A little more expensive, Ceiba Tops, offering private, modern cottages with air conditioning and a pool. El Samiria EcolodgeĀ has private bungalows with air conditioning and a pool and is located near the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, which won second place for being the best site for wildlife in the world.

In town, with a pool. Casa Bendayan, the new boutique hotel where all the rooms feature 55ā€² LED or plasma TVs and air conditioning. It has a grill area and a small central pool, a great place to refresh yourself. A comfortable, quiet mini-hotel about 10 blocks from the boardwalk. Simple rooms from 45 USD, double rooms from 55 USD. Brasil 1209, 065 500489 or 965982854.

Puerto Maldonado

Corto Maltes: In Puerto Maldonado, the heat is intense. Once youā€™re inside the Tambopata Reserve, the heat is somewhat subdued due to the proximity of the wooded forest. Most of the lodges in the area focus on nature and do not have pools. But at Corto Maltes, yes. There are 27 private wooden bungalows with palm thatched roofs, giving this place a beautiful look. For maximum relaxation, 2 bungalows have king size beds. There is no air conditioning, the nights are cool. It is located on the bank of the Madre de Dios River that borders the northern end of the Tambopata Reserve. Close by, you can see the alligators at nightfall and at sunrise, see the parakeet and parrot clay lick. They have Wi-Fi available at the main terrace, so you can tell your friends how much youĀ“re enjoying yourself. If you would like, you can enjoy yourself even more with the massages offered.

Other lodges? Estancia Bello HorizonteĀ is located 20 kilometers from Puerto Maldonado by the InteroceĆ”nica. The place is peaceful and supports ONG Apronia, an organization managing homes for children. It has a spring water pool and the lodge is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

In town, with a pool. WasaĆÆ Maldonado LodgeĀ has a spacious pool near the river and cabins amidst a tropical garden where sloths call their home, all two blocks from the Plaza de Armas. New, totally modern and with a pool, Hotel CentenarioĀ is a good choice.


Pumarinri Lodge:Ā It is the best choice to enjoy the beautiful view of the high forest and the dancing clouds over the lush hills, while you comfortably relax. The bungalows are not private: in one bungalow, you have the suite below (more spacious, with a king size bed, Italian shower, air conditioning and a TV) and another room above (smaller with a fan). Both are beautiful, with views from the balcony. The pool is large and opened to the jungle. If youĀ“re up for it, take a walk to the beautiful Pucayaquillo freshwater waterfall. Do not miss the walk along the Huallaga River, its sandy riverbanks, its fishermen and their shanshos in the trees.

From 205 USD per person for a simple room, 240 USD per person for a suite, 3d / 2n all inclusive.

Other lodges? A few kilometers from Tarapoto, Puerto Palmeras, with gardens and a pool, making it a luxurious option. A hidden place, offering a nice break, the Sauce Resort, with cabins or two-story bungalows with a TV and a fan (overlooking the lagoon). Its round pool is very spacious.

In town, with a pool. A bit more rustic but offering peace, tranquility and a pool with red brick bungalows, the Plaza del Bosque: TV, Wi-Fi and air conditioning or a fan offered at reasonable prices. Excellent food, in the center of Tarapoto, with a bold cultural CafƩ on site, La Patarashca. They have just opened a pool.


Hotel Manish: On the outskirts of Pucallpa, there is a place with a vast tropical garden, a large swimming pool and a tasty restaurant. At Hotel Manish, they put aside the bustling atmosphere that Pucallpa dynamically can have and enjoy the peacefulness of the environment. The red brick rooms have LCD TVs, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. The bungalows are larger, for up to 4 people.

From 230 soles per night for a matrimonial suite.

In town, with a pool. Casa Andina,Ā part of a hotel chain spread across Peru, has just opened a modern hotel with a gym, massages, a salon and a pool. Simpler, inexpensive and with a small pool, the Hotel DSelvaĀ is a good choice.

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