Cuzco: Hotels with a view

The undoubtedly beautiful views are the most beautiful in Cuzco overlooking red tile roofs and colonial church towers, all surrounded by hills. Want to see this from your room? Christelle give us some suggestions.

Corihuasi, in the Center

One of the pioneer hotels in Cuzco and continues with a very good proposal. The house is huge and the rooms blend into the passageways, stairs and patios, all made of stone. The wooden floor squeaks as you walk around the house, this beautiful residence still has lots of life. The rooms are simply decorated, but I swear, I have never felt a bed so soft. It has a small TV, WIFI and a simple bathroom. There are two special rooms (1 and 20). Number 1 has an unforgettable view of the Plaza de Armas, which is very close (about 4 blocks away). Number 20 is a double room, my favorite room because as you lie in bed, you have the panoramic view right in front of you. Legend has it that here, Micky Gonzales took photos for an album and Mario Testino for Vogue UK. If you are not able to stay in these rooms, the others are just as comfortable and you can enjoy the view at breakfast time.

Quinoa Villa Boutique in San Blas

It is a bit hard to reach Quinua Villa Boutique: located above San Blas, in Cuzcoā€™s bohemian neighborhood, where there are always nice views among the steep streets. But once on site, you wonā€™t regret it. It is a small shelter with a garden in the center and 5 apartments that combine the old-style and modern soul. They call it ā€œThe Site Museumā€ .The PukariWasi, the most spacious room, offers an 800 square foot duplex. Beautifully carved wooden faces of the Incas and ceramic remains in a glass showcase are part of the decoration. Here, right where the couch is located, you have a panoramic view, the best part of the hotel. The matrimonial suite, Garcilaso de la Vega, is a 600 square foot duplex with baroque touches, in honor of the first biological and spiritual cultural development. It has a small, colonial corner balcony featuring another spectacular view. Each apartment has a small kitchen, a plasma TV, a DVD player and a radio. There is an on-site food spot and several restaurants that deliver. If itā€™s cold at night, they offer a firewood service (10USD). Breakfast is included and is served at ā€œhomeā€ at the table in your apartment. Now, you feel more motivated to climb a few steps to get there.

PS: In San Blas, there are several hotels with great views; I also recommend the TikawasiĀ or the Casa de Campo.

Qorikilla, in Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a neighborhood that has forgotten the Cuzco tourist flow and is filled with a few more hotels. The Qorikilla is a classic, modern hotel with 15 small, spotless rooms with a private bathroom and TV, with a simple decor. It is located a little above Cuzco, halfway through the Cuesta Santa Ana and the terraces. They offer just what we are looking for:  views. 5 rooms have a panoramic view of the Plaza de Armas or Cuzco City. The two most beautiful rooms are the Superior Room with a queen size bed and the Deluxe Room with a king size bed, both with Spanish showers, offering the best in show. At breakfast, everyone enjoys the view. Do not hesitate to ask for more blankets, it gets chilly and be sure to check the location of your room: some are noisier than others.

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