Azpitia: The Sky’s Balcony

San Vicente de Azpitia, or just Azpitia is located about 80 Km. South of Lima in the province of Cañete. People looking to get away from the Lima’s hustle have found in Azpitia a quiet, sunny and charming place to visit anytime of year. Azpitia lies at the crest of the northern edge of the Mala valley, a location which gives the town its nickname as the “Sky’s Balcony”. It is a picturesque town where tourists can spend a pleasant time with relatives or friends visiting local bodegas and fragrant vineyards.

How do I get there?

If you are getting there by car, here are the directions: take “Panamericana Sur” highway until KM 80, then take exit 80 (Leon Dormido beach). Pass the tunnel and turn left. Then take the road to San Antonio (here the gravel road gets a bit rough giving you the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the area), keep straight and pass the small town called Santa Cruz de Flores. At the entrance at Flores turn left and keep going until you find the sign that says AZPITIA.

You can use public transportation to get to Azpitia. Get to the Otocongo Bridge and there get on any of the small buses bound for the district of Mala. Get off the bus at the city of San Antonio and get on the bus bound for Azpitia.

I’m already there. What’s On & Local Attractions

Azpitia is located in a beautiful valley, full of lush vegetation, orchards, cornfields, vegetable plantations, vineyards and fruit trees like apple, pacay and lucuma trees. The quaint town of Azpitia also offers tourists a wide variety of wines and piscos produced in renowned local wineries and distilleries. Visitors are welcomed with free samples, a talk on the distilling
process, a demonstration – if they are distilling that day – and the chance to buy the products.

It’s Sunny All Year Round at Azpitia (make sure you wear sun block during the summer). A camera is a must: this area is known for its breathtaking view of the valley and its postcard view of the river Mala which gives the town its nickname as the “Sky’s Balcony”.

You will enjoy the peace and quiet of this relaxing oasis by taking a walk through the vineyards or visiting local pisco bodegas (the most popular one is El Sarkay). Also, Peruvian caballos de paso (step horses) perform daily shows that grace the streets of Azpitia. It is an ideal place for the lovers of nature, who will be able to practice sports in the open air like trekking and

I got hungry…

Another big attraction in this charming valley is its exquisite gastronomy. During the high season you can taste excellent dishes that will satisfy the most demanding visitor. Azpitia’s gastronomic highlights are the freshest and tastiest shrimps, tamales (ground corn stuffed with meat) and pisco, but you can also try seafood dishes, cuyes (roasted guinea pigs) and ducks grown for limited local sales.

Azpitia is the ideal destination for a relaxed weekend away. It is an excellent destination with the added bonus of its close proximity to Lima, accessibility and cheap prices. Enjoy the wonderful landscape, the tastiest shrimp soup, a typical Peruvian pisco and drink a toast to a memorable trip in the year round sun of Azpitia. Cheers!

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