Time to refresh ourselves in Tarapoto!

Tarapoto is a land of waterfalls and cascades. Learn more about a new option for a refreshing rappelling experience beneath rushing waters.

“San Juan de Talliquihui”. Remember that name well! If you can manage to pronounce it, then the way is open for you to the new most popular waterfall in Tarapoto. To get to Talliquihui, head out of Tarapoto on the road to San José de Sisa, and at Kilometer 25 of that road you’ll find the starting point to the falls. It’s an easy route, just a 5 minute walk down some steps cut into the earth. The waterfall is situated just 200 meters from the road.

Talliquihui is composed of a single waterfall, which forms a veil around 25 meters high. The real attraction is the lovely natural pool formed inside the waterfall, the perfect place for a refreshing dip. Beneath the veil, the falling waters create an invigorating shower. The forest provides shade and shelter. That is what is so wonderful about the jungle: in just a few seconds you can find yourself surrounded by nature.

Local people gather in large groups at the weekends, but on other days it’s possible to find yourself alone there. In Tarapoto there are several travel agencies offering rappelling at the waterfall, for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush. Rappelling involves lowering yourself using ropes and pulleys into the 25 meter ravine; but don’t worry, this experience is perfect for beginners who want to try a different kind of adventure. A half day excursion offered by the company Tours Tierra Verde costs S/65 Peruvian soles.

For those who take this sport seriously, the company Vertical Journey offers several excursions filled with adventure and adrenalin in the jungles of Tarapoto. With this company you can descend the Talliquihui falls, those at Pucayaquillo, or head in the direction of the Abiseo River and descend the highest and most impressive falls on a 2-day and 1-night tour. And then you’ll have found out for yourself that Tarapoto is a place to both relax and enjoy adventure. The perfect combination!

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