Three bike routes you cannot miss in Peru

Don’t just explore Peru by visiting museums, appreciate the beauty of its landscapes with an additional spark of adrenaline from a bicycle.

Cusco: Maras-Moray Route

In Moray, you will find circular Inca terrace complexes dedicated to agriculture and Maras, extensive salt mines that produce very fine salt, which is exported from the same community. These two natural attractions show how resourceful the Incas and their predecessors were. They are also known for the beautiful landscapes that surround them.

Everything can be seen from a bicycle. The tour usually takes half a day. Go to the craft market and the immaculate church inside Inca walls. Pedal to Moray along the Huaypo lagoon amid mountains, blue skies, endless fields and sheep. From there, you ´ll reach the salt terraces of Maras and then it´s pure descent on a narrow path to the Urubamba River. You´ll return to Cuzco after lunch (full day- 50 USD).

This program is intended for those who wish to enjoy a cross-country tour and have average physical endurance. Furthermore, Cuzco is also a perfect destination to search for more adrenaline. Downhill can be practiced at Santísimo Mountain and Maras (full day- 120 USD), but this tour is for experts. Every year, at the end of April, Santísimo Downhill holds an international competition. There are even more physical, week long bike routes and treks at Salkantay.

Take care of the equipment, bicycles and follow the safety guidelines. We recommend Peru Biking in Cuzco

Tarapoto: On the hills of Lamas

Tarapoto is a different challenge: with the combination of heat and humidity, greater efforts are required, but it´s all downhill and there are rivers to cool off in nearby. To make the most of it, the idea is to go up by car and once you´ve reached the top, ride down with the breeze along the paths and tracks. From the top of Lamas, there are several viewpoints where you can see small towns and lush hills. Chancas Path takes you in 14 miles to the charming town of San Roque de Cumbaza, where you can rest in the natural pools, have lunch and continue onto San Pedro once the sun goes down (full day- 120 soles). 8 miles downhill from Aucaloma to Tarapoto (3 hours- 80 soles).  9 miles from Lamas route to Shanao with some of the best views (4 hours- 80 soles). You can combine it with rafting for a full day of adrenaline for 150 soles.

Bruno has created these routes for cyclers of all levels. He started riding around the region to add some action into his life and look where he is now. His agency Amazon Mountain Bikers, works with mountain bikes, or 954 800 519. If you think this is easy, don´t worry, we have a greater challenge: a 26 mile trek at the 2nd Mountain Bike Rally on November 21. So get ready!

Lima: From the City to Pachacamac

This route combines dirt tracks, asphalt trails and uphill for intermediate bikers. You´ll reach your destination in about four hours. Every Saturday, 85 USD. You can also form your own group any day you’re free. The cost depends on how many people make up the group. Here, you´re able to choose the route that suits you: basic valley (9- 12 miles) for families and outdoor enthusiasts looking to take it easy, Intermediate valley and trails (15- 21 miles) with dirt tracks and trails or Expert (15- 21+ miles) for mountain bikers who can ride narrow paths and technical descents. In the end, they all lead to the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, majestic Inca ruins bordering the Pacific Ocean. The entrance fee is 10 soles and it´s closed on Mondays. At the end of 2015, a new museum will be opened.

There are also tours in Lima by the ocean and Morro de Chorrillos for various levels, a downhill route at Olleros: a famous descent of 4- 5 hours at 11,000 feet above sea level, for any cyclist who wants to embark on the experience of downhill cycling from March to December, the dry season in the highlands.

The experts of these routes are from Peru Bike, They also offer more ambitious routes for intermediate, adrenaline hungry cyclists to the central jungle for four days, from Cusco to Puno in six days and another in the central Andes mountains passing through Tarma, Huayllay and Nor-Yauyos.

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