Cuzco : A Night in San Blas

San Blas, the bohemian district of Cuzco, offers pleasant and friendly places to spend the night. Check out these three hotels!

Los Apus

The experience of the tranquility and good living of the Swiss is just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco. Apus is located at the bottom part of San Blas, so you donĀ“t have to make much of an effort to get there. From the small terrace on the roof, (El Mirador Restaurant and Bar, serving at night) you have a beautiful view over the rooftops and hills of the surrounding area. It is also ideal for sunbathing.

The hotel has 20 rooms that were adapted to the original large colonial house. They all have hardwood floors, some have stone walls, others offer high beamed ceilings and carved wooden balconies. 301 is our favorite because of its private balcony and small table. It has an elegant atmosphere with throw rugs and varnished wood. Each room has cable TV, Wi-Fi, central heating and the matrimonial room comes with a queen size bed.

The plus, no doubt, is their breakfast. There are two buffet tables with all the fresh fruit you can dream of (prickly pear, mango, strawberries, golden berryā€¦), fresh bread, croissants, juice and cereal, in addition to the classic ham, cheese, eggs and avocado.

From $90 for the simple room and $109 for the matrimonial room. Find deals and seasonal rates on the web.

Atocsaycuchi 515, on the corner of Choquechaca, San Blas,

Second Home

Welcome to an elegant B & B where the service is personalized, since there are only 3 rooms. It is a colonial house with ancient architecture and modern comfort. They offer more than rooms, they have suites: with a small living room, a sofa, a table, a place to work or rest and the bedroom with a queen size bed, a good sized flat screen TV, Wi-Fi and a bathtub in the bathroom. The space is bright thanks to its semi-opened ceilings. The rest is in the details that make all the difference, like the Italian sheets (very soft) or AnyahĀ“s organic products in the bathroom, which arenĀ“t only free of harmful ingredients, but also come in recyclable packaging. Early in the morning, you have the opportunity to have breakfast on the patio or in the kitchen with fresh, warm and crispy bread, like it should be, with eggs, granola or yogurt. And you can talk with Carlos Dolphin, the owner, the son of the San Blas sculptor of yesterday and today, Victor Delfin. Located a bit further down from San Blas square, but there arenā€™t so many steps to climb to get there and cars can pass by the corner of Carmen Alto.

The plus is its location, exactly halfway between the Plaza de Armas and the heights of San Blas. Also, you have the cute boutique Lā€™Atelier by Grid with vintage clothing, leather handbags, jewelry and other things like coffee with a romantic view of San Blas and rich lemon pie.

From $110 for a simple suite and $ 120 for a matrimonial or double suite (if you stay 3 nights, you will receive 50% off and if you stay 4, the last night is free).

Atocsaycuchi 616, San Blas

B&B Hotel PensiĆ³n Alemana

The last hotel is located up high (a taxi can take you), the effort made to climb up there is worth it, and the reward is sitting right in front of the sunset from their cafeteria, Siete por Siete, you will enjoy every moment. Since every stay comes with a complimentary pisco sour, there is no excuse not to go. The cafe has a fireplace for when itĀ“s chilly out and an affordable menu: omelet, quiche or corn bread 8 soles or strudel, cheesecake or carrot cake 7 soles. And if you miss the sunset, you can enjoy the view at breakfast. What a great view of the city they have. There is a newly opened terrace on the second floor in the main building.

German Posada is a classic hotel with 22 rooms. The rooms are spacious and practical, with a small TV, Wi-Fi and a shower with hot water. There is a beautiful garden in the middle with colorful flowers, adding to its charm. Room 102 has a French window with the garden at your feet; Rooms 205, 206, 209, 301 and 302 offer different views of the garden and the city, filling you with inner peace. Here, the silence is sovereign.

The plus is its very well trained and helpful staff, they explain everything very clearly. Believe us, after you meet Marleni, you wonĀ“t have any questions.

From $61 for a double room and $73 for a simple or matrimonial room.

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