The Máncora Resort, paradise on Earth!

The Máncora Resort, located at the 1155th Kilometer from the Panamericana Norte highway and at 113 miles (182 km) from the city of Piura, is considered one of the most beautiful and precious resorts of Peru’s northern coasts, a region that is famed for its long coastlines of abundant white sandy beaches, great food, a fantastic nightlife, superb hotels, and the best place for water sports.

In this part of Peru, the sun shines 365 days a year, the temperature is pleasantly far from unforgiving without humidity, and the waters are warm all year round.  Magic, sun, waves that beg to be surfed and body boarded, winds that need to be tamed for windsurfing as well as kite surfing, are all part of the perks and pleasures this place can offer.

Not to be overlooked, the marine biodiversity of Máncora’s waters provides inspiring experiences for spear fishing and scuba diving enthusiasts.  Máncora is the perfect beach resort for all of its temperate waters, its tropical yet dry climate, and the fact that its waters are peppered with yachts and boats prepped for their travels or arriving from them.

Máncora’s south side is a surfer’s paradise.  Giant long waves create powerful crashing tunnels and await riders ready to take on the waves every summer.

Máncora is a small cove and one of the best places to vacation, to meet people from different parts of the world, and is an ideal place for tourists to rest, unwind, and spend time with the family.  A great diversity of people visits this place and range from tourists looking for comfort to families who want to have an unforgettable holiday.  Likewise, some visitors in Máncora are usually passing by but become mesmerized and enchanted by Máncora and its beaches.  They then tend to stay because of the calm and friendly atmosphere Máncora offers.  “Wave-filled sunny beaches and magic at dusk.”

Máncora also has its share of clothing boutiques, artisan shops, surf stores, surfboarding instructors, bus agencies, taxi services, and just about anything else a tourist could possibly need.


  • By Land:

Lima – Piura – Máncora: by use of the Panamericana Norte highway (which is about a 16 hour drive).  In Lima, transportation agencies like Ormeño, Civa and Cruz del Sur provide services to Máncora.

  • By Air:

From Lima, the airline Aerolínea Lan offers flights to Trujillo or Chiclayo; and from there, taxi and bus services are available to Máncora.  Total travel time is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.


Máncora Beach Bungalows
Located nearly 2 miles (3 km) south of Máncora’s piers at the ocean’s edge.
Address: Antigua Panamericana Norte Km. 1215

Hotel Puerto Palos
Located on the beachfront of one of Peru’s northern beaches near a Máncoran fishing village.
Address: Km 1216 Antigua Panamericana Norte

Hotel Sunset
Located on the beachfront of Máncora.
Address: Av. Antigua Panamericana Norte 1216

Hotel Las Pirámides
This hotel is eight minutes from the Máncora resort, and is in front of some of Peru’s most perfect waves. Las Pirámides offers comfortable rooms in a very awing and relaxed setting far from any noisy commotion and disturbances
Dirección: Punta Los Órganos Km. 1151, Panamericana Norte


This resort offers without an end restaurants dedicated to seafood and Peruvian delicacies.

Among the establishments available:

Turismo Restaurant Espada – This restaurant is renowned for its lobster based platters and is known for its Parihuela Mixta (a delicious traditional soup), Ceviche Mixto (a seafood cocktail that inspires and teases taste buds) and Langosta Natural (fresh from the water lobster traditionally cooked).

El Faro Lounge – This bar is known for its Pisco based cocktails and its special house lasgna.
Casa de Playa Restaurante – This place is abundant with Peruvian and international foods.  It’s famous for its shrimp potato dumplings.

Máncora is one of those unforgettable places that trap visitors with its mystic beauty and definitely invites second and third visits.  Thanks to the unique, in every sense of the word, experiences in this land, this place has been held in high regard by international and domestic world travelers all year round.  What are you waiting for? Máncora awaits!

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