Palm Sunday in Cajamarca

Palm Sunday is one of the activities that are carried out as celebration of Holy Week. On this date it is remembered the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem riding a donkey, where he is welcomed with cheers and palm branches.

The celebration of Palm Sunday is recognized on a worldwide basis for which is celebrated in different ways. More still, in the different cities of a country, as is the case of Peru, it is celebrated in many ways. One of these symbolic cities is Cajamarca.

The most symbolic city for this celebration is PorcĆ³n, a city located to 10 km. of Cajamarca, there the celebration is not only accompanied by branches of palms and olives, but also by enormous assembled banners with mirrors, palms and flowers that measure three meters of height.

It is tradition that the image of the Senor of the Branches walk through the mounted city on a white donkey and travel through the Cajamarca streets.

According to history, in the first celebrations there were only three crosses that walked through the different cities, nevertheless today there is around forty, which are adorned magnificently for the procession.

The meaning of this festivity does not remain in the mere fact of the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem, but also has immersed the happiness, the friendship and the live encounter of Christian fraternity.

For the settlers, all this means is to prepare the spiritual life of each with prayers and blessings to God.

One of the most valuable representations is that of the Senor of the Branches, which is an image carved in wood, whose legs are moveable and whose hairs and beard are made of human hair.

This is placed on the white donkey, accompanied by diverse tributes of fruits, flowers, bottles of alcohol, among other things, in such a way that the great procession for the triumphant entrance can be initiated.

During all of the celebration of Palm Sunday, are not only observed processions by the different streets, but also the streets are covered in multicolored flowers, dances and songs that accompany the Senor of the Branches during the traveled through to the city of Cajamarca.

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