Five places in Urubamba where it’s a pleasure to eat

Situated in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Urubamba is the ideal spot to stop during any trip to the valley and Machu Picchu. Here we feature the places where you’re sure to be served the tastiest of meals.

A surprising little restaurant: Huacatay

It was a wonderful surprise to find ourselves in this bohemian garden with its small tables. Inside, the dining area is spacious and more formal, with wooden tables and decoration based on folkloric themes. Their philosophy is simple: fresh produce and an original touch. We enjoyed the cheering flavors of their gnocchi in barbecue sauce with chicken and chorizo, and were impressed by the green curry served with sweet plantains coated in quinoa. Also of note was the alpaca lasagna, with its delicately made layers of pasta. The menu varies with the seasons and can be accessed via the restaurant’s website. They offer craft beers and desserts that do justice to locally sourced fruits. With this restaurant a German and a Peruvian have created a unique fusion cuisine. In truth, everything on offer was delicious, arriving in generous portions with excellent service.

The healthiest of menus: Kaia Shenai

Kaia is the perfect place in Urubamba for a healthy, fresh and delicious lunch. This restaurant offers a vegetarian menu and another including organic chicken. The set menu is served with a homemade vegetable soup and a natural fruit drink. The menu includes lentil burgers, tortillas and tacos. The restaurant is family friendly, with a special children’s menu and space to play. They have recently moved to a new address which offers their diners more comfort.

The most exotic curry: Kampu

Salads, juicy meat, fresh pasta and a range of Thai flavors: the Massaman curry is Kampu’s star attraction. There are beef, chicken and vegetarian options, as well as an extra spicy curry for the more adventurous. In the evenings, the curry and coconut soup is an excellent option, and homemade pizzas are also served in an informal atmosphere. Here you’ll find excellent fusion cuisine and a good vibe, but you’ll also need to be patient. Tip: the chef, Eduardo, offers cooking classes!

The best homemade pizzas: Paca Paca Restaurante

In this bohemian mansion you will find a second floor filled with colorful handcrafts, housing a restaurant offering delicious fare. At the back of the room there is a wood burning oven that warms the entire dining area. This is a great place to eat pizza in the evenings, served with a craft beer. They also serve pasta and classic Peruvian dishes with their own unique touch, and the fresh ingredients used make Paca Paca another superb option for dining out in Urubamba.

A delicious treat: Cielito Lindo

After a good walk or a whole day of excursions, this is a place you shouldn’t miss. This blue and pink café resembles a doll’s house and it is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth: you’ll be delighted by their chocolate mousse, yogurt, meringue, lemon and cheese pie, served with coffee, lattes or hot chocolate. They have Wi-Fi, their desserts are delicious and the owners are very friendly, making this the perfect way to conclude your visit to Urubamba.

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