Festival of grape, wine and boating in Lunahuana

Lunahuaná  is a district of the province of Cañete, it is located 38 km east from San Vicente de Cañete and to 182 km southeast of Lima. Thanks to their location  this district is appropriate to carry out adventure sports such as boating and cycling.  Nevertheless one of the more important attractions is all that is related to the elaboration of different types of wines.

In this district the festival of grape is celebrated since 19 years ago, and in reality is the improved version of the classical festival of the grape harvest, phase of crop and harvesting of prior grapes, to which has been incorporated the main tourist attraction: boating.  The festivity is carried out during the third week of March, date which takes advantage of the maximum flow volume of the Cañete river, ideal to carry out the so famous adventure sport.

Among the activities that are celebrated the musical festival is carried out as the inauguration to the celebration, followed by tourist walks through the tourist centers and the old streets of Lunahuaná.  Accompanied to this is found the execution of the sports of adventure , whether in the river with boating, or in the mountain practicing cycling.  Another one of the attractions of the celebration is a contest that is carried out, in which the largest broken bunch of grapes of the world is chosen.

Among the most representative tourist places are found:  The Archaeological Complex of Incahuasi , Plaza de Armas, Iglesia Matriz Santiago Apóstol of Lunahuaná, Viewpoint of Lunahuaná, Haunted House, Suspension Bridge of Catapalla and the the wine cellars vitivinícolas.  All and each one of them represent in part the history not only of the city of Lunahuaná, but of the entire Peru.  The festivity along with a journey by these centers will be an unforgettable experience for you and the people that accompany you.

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