Adventure sports in Mancora

The summer season attracts a multitude of people to Peru because it’s one of the countries that has been blessed with great beaches and some of the most gorgeous ocean views around. One of the preferred tourists spots is the ocean-sidee resort of Mancora, located about 187 kilometers (116 miles approximately) from the city of Piura. At Mancora, the white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, give the famed exclusive Caribbean beaches something to compete with and are opened up for the tourists, where they are sure to spend some unforgettable moments.

Mancora has always benefited from a renowned popularity within the national tourist circles. Nowadays, it has been virtually catapulted into the international scene thanks to the inclusion of its waves in the international surfing circuits, demonstrated to the world a new face to the resort: the extreme side.


Surfing is the banner sport of Mancora. It’s known for its paired Reef Break type waves, which break from the left. These waves are a real test to a surfer’s abilities. Aside from these, because this year we’ll also be experiencing the phenomenon of El Niño, we’ll also be able to see tube-like waves forming- these being the most desired kind by surfers. They are good waves for beginners just starting out in the sport, or for intermediate surfers.


Fishing at this resort space, has been a widespread and quite common activity for a very long time. Its warm waters are the perfect living climate for the abundant Red Merlin and Yellow Fin Tuna that inhabit it. Craft fishing (as opposed to commercial fishing) is not found at the same beach, which is reserved for bathers; but you can do a bit of shore-side fishing by purchasing some fishing equipment from the vendor stalls that are located in various spots  adjoining the beaches.

Scuba Diving

Being that the Mancora waters are on the pacific side, it becomes ideal for scuba diving- its like nature has also blessed northern Peru with a one of a kind micro climate that allows for the coexistence of a very diverse array of marine life, fish and corals in its waters.

Diving is a sport that can be practiced year round at Mancora.  To that effect, it’s necessary to have the proper equipment in order to have a look at and enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery. On the best of days, visibility can reach a distance of 7 meters (22 feet approximately) under water.  With safety in mind, it’s helpful to say that there are local divers and shops located all around the beach, ready to help with any questions or necessities.

Kite Surfing

This method of surfing, which consists of attaching a traction kite to the individual wearing a harness with up to 5 lines, allows the surfer to glide over the waters with a board specially designed for this purpose – to be used on the water’s surface.  Due to the calm waters of Mancora,  in the last couple of years it has become one of the preferred spots for kite surfing enthusiasts since it counts with the existence of smooth waves that are a guarantee for a good adventure experience.

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