When to go to Peru?

Peru is an excellent destination to visit anytime of the year. However, if you want to make the best out of your travel experience, first think of the adequate season of your destination. In this post find the ideal dates to visit the Peruvian coast, highlands and jungle.

The Coast

If you want to enjoy sun and sea, the Peruvian coast is for you. This region has a tempered and warm climate in the north and has a cooler climate in the center and southern zones of Peru. Enjoy the beaches best during the summer months from December to March with temperatures varying from 80Ā°F to 100Ā°F during the day and from 60Ā°F to 70Ā°F during the night on the northern coast. In the center and on the southern coast, the minimum temperatures vary from 60Ā°F to 70Ā°F and the maximum from 70Ā°F to 90Ā°F.

The Highlands

If you wish to go hiking under the blue skies, the best time to go it is from June to September, the driest season. Keep in mind the abrupt temperature changes. Prepare for chilly nights and hot, sunny days. It is recommended to take warm and comfortable clothing.

The Jungle

The Peruvian Amazon has tropical weather with high and very humid temperatures. It is very common to witness tropical rains during the summer months. Therefore, it is recommended to enjoy the beauty of the jungle between the months of May and September. The temperatures vary between 60Ā°F and 100Ā°F. Keep in mind the intense jungle heat when packing your bag. It is important to choose lightweight wardrobe, preferably light colored, cotton material (dark colors attract insects).

Remember, Peru is beautiful all year long with lots of sights to see in all of its regions. Share your comments with us on this post. See you next time!

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