Lunahuana: Adventure Sports Close to Lima

A destination that thrills adventurers is Lunahuana because it is near Lima and its particular geography offers not only access to a great variety of adventure sports (canoeing in the CaƱete river in: kajak, canoe, raft, mountain climbing, paragliding, etc) but also lots of historical tourist sites. Lunahuana is at 479 meters over sea level and has a mild and warm climate.

ĀæHow Do I Get There?

From Lima we take the south Panamerican Highway with destination CaƱete and travel approximately one hour and a half. From here you take a detour to your left at Km. 144 of the Panamerican Highway that runs through Imperial, Lunahuana and Yauyos.
If you do not want to take your own car, companies like El Urbanito offer personalized tourist trips around Lunahuana.

High Season

Between February and March there is an adventure sports festival and these dates are appropriate for competitive adventurers who want to demonstrate their abilities taming rivers or escalating mountains.

Also you can try climbing artificial rock as well as mountain biking. For those more calm and tranquil they can simply enjoy the valley scenery and walking and trekking in its mountains; it is also very appropriate to enjoy nature by camping.

Tourist Destination, a step from Lima
Lunahuana appears to be static in time and lets us move away from the fast lifestyle of the cities; among the main tourist attractives we can visit are:

Cantagallo ruins.
Incawasi historical remains, built by the order of Tupac Yupanqui in his determination to conquer curaca Huarcoā€™s domains.
The Catholic Temple of Lunahuana is an archaeological jewel built in 1690 by the Franciscan Order. In its exterior design you can observe its vault, beautiful naves and bell towers.

The Hanging Bridge of Catapalla, built approximately in the 40s, real relic of its road system, The Viewpoint.


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