Excursions at the Inkaterra Amazon Reserve

The Inkaterra Amazon Reserve is located quite near to the National Reserve of Tambopata, where the Madre de Dios river winds its way through the southern region of the Amazon jungle. It’s here, right in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, that the Inkaterra is located, with its thirty-five private cabins at offer…along with the added bonus of the beauty of its surrounding areas.

In order to make this an unforgettable experience for you, Inkaterra Amazon Reserve makes sure to provide the best service to each and every one of its guests. They’ve prepared a series of excursions based on the likes, needs and preferences of the travelers. The excursions are varied and can extend in length to a quarter day, half a day, or a full day.

Within the excursions that last a quarter of the day is the Native Experience/Amazon Garden excursion:

The River by Night: This outing starts off in the afternoon. You’ll be seated in a boat, observing the process of the day gradually turning into night, and how the fauna with its surrounding scenery totally changes throughout the day.

Nighttime Jungle: A two hour, nighttime trek into the jungle that will teach you to recognize, interpret and coexist with the sounds that animate and emanate from it, while also giving you the opportunity to observe the different animal species that will only appear at night in their natural habitat.

Series of Hiking Trails: This option will take you through one of the many walkabout trails in the Inkaterra Amazon Reserve, on which you will be able to discover the enigmatic secret world of the tropical jungle, and in which you’d also be able to observe the gorgeous flora and fauna of its surroundings.

Within the half-day excursions offered at the reserve, is the Aguales (or Wetlands trip), Hacienda Concepcion, Quebrada Gaminata, as well as:

Canopy Inkaterra: This excursion will take you over to the Interpretation Center for the Inkaterra Canopy, where they’ll tell you a bit about the Inkaterra Canopy project. You are allowed to go up to the top of the first observation tower and to walk within the treetops. This is possible by using the series of suspended bridges that connect throughout the site and which reach a height of about 28 meters (approximately 90 feet) and give you the best panoramic view of the jungle that you can possibly find in the area.

Lago Sandoval (Sandoval Lake): You’ll begin this excursion with a boat ride that will take you to Tambopata National Reserve, where you’ll then go on a nice walk through some hiking trails ending at Lake Sandoval. Here at the lake, you’re able to navigate the waters on rented canoes, and see some of the endangered species of the area- like the giant river otter.

The Anaconda Walk: This walk will take approximately 30 minutes to finish and you’ll be covering a distance of about 200 meters (660 feet approximately), by way of wooden bridges that have been constructed over the wetlands. This is also a great way to observe nature and the flora and fauna that inhabits the zone.

The following, are excursions that would be lasting all day:

Tambopata: This one begins with a tour through Lake Sandoval in a wooden canoe, and then continues with a walk through the Concepcion Reserve where you’d need to be very alert in order to catch a glimpse of the paiche fish (a tropical freshwater fish of the area), or the caiman alligator and the giant river otter, which are all animals on the endangered species list. Afterward, prepare yourself for a picnic feast at the Granja Concepcion (Conception Farm), followed by a visit to the gardens where there are over 200 medicinal plant species. Here you can also enjoy some archery or bulls-eye target practicing with bows and arrows made locally by the natives.

Keep in mind that the excursions offered by the Inkaterra Amazon Reserve are all included as part of the package when you stay there, with the exception of a few which would be otherwise noted or specified with additional costs or special scheduling.
The excursions are guided by Inkaterra specialists, both in Spanish and English. Other languages are available as well, but with advance noticed or request and they may be at an extra cost.
These excursions are all subjective to any changes in climate within the zone; which is why we should always make sure to follow the guidelines provided by the specialists in order to enjoy these new experiences to the maximum.

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