Discover the National Park Bahuaja – Sonene

The beauty of the Peruvian forest is without equal, as well as its national parks, natural sanctuaries protected by the Peruvian State as part of its ecological and cultural patrimony.  In it, intact populations of several species of wild fauna live threatened by the hand of the man, such as the river wolf, the dog of the mountain, the black cayman and the prey eagle.

This is the park Bahuaja – Sonene, established on July 17, 1996.  It was created as a result of the territorial organization, achieved by the active participation of the settlers, authorities, specialists and local communities of Mother of God and Puno.  It covers a surface of 537 053.25 hectares and the basins of the rivers Tambopata and Heath.

Just like the National Reserve Tambopata, in this area exists a high diversity of birds and insects.  Furthermore is the last refuge of typical animals of the tropical humid savannahs, like the deer of the swamps and the wolf of crin, that exist in no another place of the country.

The river Heath and the prairies that surround it are an unique ecosystem in Peru.  It includes great clay terraces extension that are associated with the colpas – refuge – of the macaws and other similar animals.  The Prairies of Heath are pasturelands flooded periodically that are regenerated for occasional fires in the dry season.  Their origin is strange, but its future is associated to the forest fires.

Its main objective is to conserve the landscape beauties of the south forest and to protect the only existing sample of the tropical humid savannahs, flora and fauna, of Peru.  Being an area protected, this permits the access of the tourists in small groups, where the ecological variety that lives in its innermost part is observed.

The Tour

To enjoy the wonders of this landscape, we recommend to use the services of the tour operator PeruContact, which offers a package of 4 days and three nights, where you will enjoy the landscapes of the parks Bahuaja – Sonene and Tampobata.

With this offer, PeruContact will take us to each park for one day, to be able to enjoy in situ of the natural wonders.  It offers transfers from the airport to the hotel of your choice, as well as trips in raft toward the parks.  This includes guides specialized in the subject and explanations on the natural life of the forest, as well as impressive sun rises and a stimulating experience.


The hotel Wasai Maldonado Lodge is included with the tour of PeruContact, which offers a forest atmosphere that will make you feel welcomed.  Includes continental breakfast and it is the departing point for any tour towards the forest that you might want to take on your own.

Moreover, the restaurant El Califa, located in Jr.  Piura 266, offers tasty forest dishes, that will put your palate to test, such as the Juane, Tacacho with cezina, the timbuche – fish soup with green banana – and beverages such as the Chapo – juice of banana – or the Pihuayo – of palm tree-.

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