Appreciating the Forests of Cutervo National Park

What makes Peru’s lands magical is its exploration and discovery aspect. Aside from having a rich cultural history, Peru’s natural beauty that makes up the the country’s various jungles and forests is unrivaled in the world. Its great outdoors fulfills the spiritual needs of wild adventurers.

One of the places that has been least explored by both Peruvians and foreigners alike is the San Andres de Cutervo national park. You could just call it Cutervo’s park. The national park is located in the Cajamarca region and is the jewel of jungles of Peru’s north.

The Exotic Beauty of Cutervo

With an area consisting over 6,000 acres and an altitude situated between 7,200 ft to 11,400 ft above sea level, Cutervo park is found in the Corillera de los Tarros zone and presents a special contrast of climates from the foggy low forests to the high altitude woodlands accented by palm trees making the area feel like a rare place.

The vegetation that composes the park also varies in species. There, ferns, palms, willows, cedars, and hundreds of more species come together to make the epic forests of Cutervo.

The main attraction to the park is “la Cueva de los Guacharos”, or the Cave of the Oil Birds. Named so because it is home to vast populations of the nocturnal bird. A small river runs through the cave and is inhabited by large cave catfishes.

Another reason to admire the natural wonders of Cutervo is the presence of endangered species like jaguars, oncillas, nutrias, high altitude tapirs, the long tailed quetzal bird, and the red tunquis which are Peru’s national birds.

However, without a doubt, the most sought out animal is the spectacled bear known as the ucumari. The ucumari is de only bear in South America that is on the verge of extinction. The spectacled bear is named so because of the light colored tones of fur around its eyes that extent to its neck. To see one is to experience a true type of tender inspiration.


To explore this attractive and stunning natural area and its protected wildlife, you can contact a travel agency like Enjoy Peru which provides guides to Cutervo in addition to their transportation to and from the airport or local hotels of your choice.

Some Recommendations

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