Trujillo, pirámides y estampa colonial
Trujillo, the city of eternal spring

Trujillo’s pre-Columbian architecture features temples, pyramids and mud cities that have survived through the ages, including the Citadel of Chan Chan, the Pyramids of the Sun and of the Moon, and El Brujo Archaeological Complex. Magnificent colonial architecture and living culture with rooted customs such as fishing in horse-like rafts made of totora reeds (called Caballitos de Totora –or totora horses—traditional boats from the northern coast). Renowned beaches attract surfers from all over the world. Home to the elegant and graceful marinera, the national Peruvian dance.

Location: northern coast of Peru, surrounded by beaches, fertile valleys, highlands and jungle.

Area: 25.962 Km2.

Weather: arid – moderately warm (high 28ºC – low 14ºC)

Access: Vregular flights from Lima to the city of Trujillo (45 to 50 minutes).

Nearby cities: Virú (49km / 50 minutes). Chocope (45km / 50 minutes). Santiago de Chuco (164km / 4hours)

Attractions in the city: Main Square, Cathedral of Trujillo, Cathedral Museum, Belén Church and El Recreo Small Plaza.

Attractions outside the city: Citadel of Chan Chan, the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, Huacas de Moche, Beach Town of Huanchaco.