Tarapoto, cataratas de fantasía
Tarapoto, fantasy waterfalls

Tarapoto is a thriving commercial city in northern Peru, in the San Martin region. It is well known for its waterfalls, landscapes. The nearby jungle is also home to various species of orchids and butterflies, as well as several endangered species that are protected in the National Río Abiseo Park – declared Natural and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO – and the Cordillera Azul National Park.

The city’s varied geography shows fertile valleys, uneven lands, Andean plateaus and a small area of low rainforest. The city is also famous for its lakes, which have crystal clear waters, such as Lago Lindo and Lago Azul.

Tarapoto’s archaeological sites are hidden in the cloud forest, such as the citadel of Gran Pajatén.

Location: northeast of Peru. Surrounding cities include Lamas, Rioja, Moyobamba.

Area: 51.253 Km2.

Weather: warm – humid (high 34ºC – low 19ºC)

Access: daily flights from Lima (1 hour) and from Iquitos (45 minutes) to the city of Tarapoto. Air taxis are offered in the region.

Attractions in the city: main square, San Francisco Botanical Garden, garden centers, natural viewpoints.

Attractions outside the city: San Mateo Hot Springs, Renacal del Avisado Swamps, Calzada Hillock, Paccha Waterfalls.