Tacna, costa, valles y heroísmo
Tacna, valleys and heroism

It is a land of deserts and fertile valleys, between the coast and the highlands, drawing a peculiar landscape. Its history dates back to the cave paintings in Toquepala. Its beaches have calm waves and its hot springs and lagoons are located in the lower areas of the Andean Mountain Range. Its vast vineyards generously produce wines and piscos for export.

Location: south-west of Peru, bordering Chile. Its territory covers desert, volcanic and mountain range areas.

Area: 16.076 km2.

Weather: humid – moderately warm (high 27ºC – low 9ºC)

Access: regular flights from Lima to the city of Tacna (1 hour 45 minutes).

Attractions in the city: Cathedral of Tacna, Ornamental Fountain, Civic Promenade, Zela House, Municipal Theater.

Attractions outside the city: Alto de la Alianza Monumental Complex, Old Valley of Tacna, tot springs, Miculla Archaeological Complex, Locumba Valley.



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13-17 Jun 2016 Telecommunications Working Group Tacna, Peru