Best Times of the Year to Visit Peru

Are you planning a Peru vacation but you donā€™t know the best time of the year to go?

You can visit Peru at any time of year, but there are seasons where the weather is more predictable than others. If you visit during the peak seasons, there will be bigger crowds in the area, but you will also be able to enjoy the trip more if the climate is temperate and mild. Some of the areas that you may plan to visit in Peru have harsh climates and may be closed during certain months of the year due to their elevation.

Wet and Dry Season

The wet season in Peru lasts from December to April, and during this period, Peru will experience heavy rainfall in all areas of the country. While the climate conditions may vary, people generally like to visit during the dry season when they can enjoy more outdoor recreation and activities such as hiking, biking, water sports, and zip lining across the canopy. If you plan to visit the Machu Picchu, you should choose a month other than February because the area is closed during that month.

The dry season (May-November) is the best time to visit Peru to experience ideal weather conditions and all of the natural wonders that the country has to offer, but even during the dry part of the year, the climate can be varied at times.

Climate Fluctuations

The weather in Peru can be unpredictable throughout the year, and some people remark that you can experience all four seasons in a day at certain times in Peru. Since many parts of this region are covered in thick vegetation and blanketed by the natural landscapes of the rainforest, you will often experience intense heat and a great deal of rain. As long as you are aware that these conditions exist, then you can bring the proper clothes and other items to make your trip to Peru an enjoyable one.

Be Prepared for All Weather Conditions While in Peru

When you visit Peru, you should bring clothes that will allow you to stay warm in high elevations, stay cool in the sweltering heat, and also stay dry if you are caught in a sudden rainstorm. Since the sun is often sizzling in Peru, you should also ensure that you have a good sunscreen that will allow you to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays present so close to the equator. Protective eyewear is also recommended for anyone traveling to Peru.

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