Piura, playas y verano eterno
Piura, beaches and eternal summer

Piura´s streets are always illuminated by the northern sun of Peru. Tourism in this city is based on its resorts and beaches, favored by surfers: Máncora, Colán, Los Órganos, Vichayito, Cabo Blanco – famous for hosting writer Ernest Hemingway – and Lobitos. In this region, we can find colonial temples and towns of artisans, such as Chulucanas and Catacaos. Las Huaringas Sacred Lagoons, whose waters are said to heal several ailments are a bus ride away from the city. Piura is also home to the Sechura Desert, the largest arid region in Peru.

Some of the local celebrations include the festivities of the Captive Lord of Ayabaca and the Holy Week of Catacaos, both characterized by a deep religious devotion. Piura’s gastronomy is plentiful and varied.

Location: it is located in the north of Peru and shares borders with Ecuador. Most of its territory is located in the coast (desert and dry forest ecosystems); and some places in the highlands (barren plains and fog forests).

Area: 35.891 Km2

Weather: arid – warm (high 33ºC – low 16ºC)

Access: regular flights from Lima (1 hour and 25 minutes)

Attractions in the city: main square, the Cathedral, San Francisco Church, Admiral Grau’s Museum House, El Carmen Church.

Attractions outside the city: Tourist Fortress of Narihualá, Customs Building, Colán Beach, San Lucas Church.